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About the Owner

My name is Jason Quinlan. I have been a professional SEO and Internet marketer since 1997. SEO is the only job I've had in 20+ years, and trust me, that's hard to do. You have to roll with constant changes in the Google algorithms. Because of the industry, I was on Tumblr was a perfect fit. I've never seen some of this traffc techniques discussed anywhere.

About This Site

Tumbler Hero is the most thorough training on Tumblr traffic tactics to ever exist!

Now that Tumblr has changed all of the outbound linking from straight "follow" links to "meta refresh" many of the blogs hosted on Tumblr lost ranking, but fascinating thing started happening. Where blogs had lost ranking, many of Tumblr tags rose to the top of the SERPS. In fact, 85% of Tumblr listings with Page 1 rankings ARE TAGS. Even with the "loss of linkjuice" as of 12/5/2016 Tumblr's traffic is on the increase. The site is ranking 38 worldwide and 19 in the United States. It is also worth noting, this has nothing to do with  Facebook Tagjacks.  If I get spammed with another pair of Oakley sunglasses I might break into a homicidal rage.

Tumblr does not have a sophisticated way to control the tags. They claim to moderate their bigger tags like "lol" but I've yet seen proof of this. I have developed a method where you find Tumblr tags that rank, hijack those pages and push the competition off the SERP results using a plethora of tactics. The are tumbler tags waiting to be tag-jacked right now! Think of it like this: Rather than ranking a page you own, "hijack the tag" and make it "your page." From there, use whatever methods you have at your disposal, to push up the SEO ranking of those tags, if they aren't already satisfactory.

If the tag you Jacked isn't ranking quite as high as you would like it, especially seeing as it isn't really your website, it becomes prime real estate for increasingly hard to use Blackhat tactics, which I cover it in detail.

Contained in this training are some wicked features you would never expect to get for free including:

  • A 30-minute GSA tutorial - A powerful, mass link building tool with a high learning curve.
  •  How to keep your Tumblr accounts alive by using Tumblr against themselves.
  • How to add the strength your Tumbles lost in the Meta-Refresh by syncing your RSS feed with Google data aggregators.
  • The importance of making your persona an "influencer" by creating "interests" and applying them to multiple Web 2.0 and social networks. This is my favorite and probably most important part of this course.
  • The "hidden" Tumblr attribution you can still get in every post.
  • Ranking your hijacked page. Once you have hijacked a page you need to keep in ranked. As part of an ongoing case study we will be doing an A-B-C-D test. One test on our Pinterest (already on page one) and then another to return our tumbler to its previous front page glory.
       A. Pinning your posts with Pinterest. We Thunderpin tagjacked our way back onto page 1 in the day. We could've closed the case study here., but we wanted to re-rank out Tumblr board.
       B. Web 2.0 Link Wheel Backlinks - this method has already been applied. As of the writing of this sales page, SERPS are on the rise.
       C. Applying a Web 2.0 link wheel and blasting the Web 2.0 links with GSA spam. The campaigns have been set up but for purposes of testing have not been implemented.
       D. Using BrowSEO (as they have just added new Tumblr Macros in the Automation Club. Tumbler was among the new additions, so we will be testing out the new macros.
  • It's going to be a classic showdown of link velocity vs. engagement. As of 11/5 we have not begun to apply Browseo.
  • How animated GIFs are a "get-out-of-jail-free-card". Yes, you heard me right.
  • Advanced use of Tumblr and IFTTT.
  • Expand all of the lessons tab below to see EVERYTHING contained in this course. Do you know the best part :


What about Irrational Passions?

Let's cut to the chase, irrational passions are great affiliate niches. Are you tired of promoting the same IM products, Forex, payday loans and dating sites that are saturated beyond belief?  --->>> Me too!

Irrational passions are things that you may not understand, ever heard of, but people are willing to pay good money for them. I hit my first sales with " Pikachu Blankets" and "Ultimate Dazzler". Neither of these I ever heard of before, the only thing I cared about was when the Amazon money came in. One thing you want to bear in mind when choosing your irrational passion is "is there any money in it?". That's simple enough to figure out. There are a plethora of tools you can use such as SEMRUSH to spy on your competitors. When researching these terms if you see that they are spending money on Adwords, that's a good indication of commercial intent. That means, at least one person is bidding money on Adwords or Bing to get traffic for these terms. Thus, they have commercial value. Beyond that, you have to decide if you have a way you can monetize. Because of the endless choices, I usually use the Amazon Affiliate program.

Sounds Great but Where Can I Find These Types of Opportunities?

You can use any software you wish but the true nuggets of gold you can find by simply surfing.

The best thing about Tumblr Hero is no additional tools are required. If you have the time on your hands, you can attain results through pure gumption or use the help of a virtual assistant. Keeping your tag "jacked" is not rocket science.

In selecting which irrational passions  to pursue are use three metrics common sense, search volume, and cost per click. To create my landing pages I didn't need any kind of special tool like click funnels. I simply used Amazon Native Ads on a WordPress page which took all of 30 seconds to set up. Sure I could've spent some time making the landing pages look fancier, but I didn't need to.

In Summation?

These methods aren't going to make you $5000 per day, while working only a half hour with your trophy wife in the Bahamas. They are good solid traffic tactics that you can monetize with very little effort that other people aren't doing. Passive income never hurt anyone!

So what are you waiting for, as I've said many times: this course is free!

45 Day Money Back with No Questions Asked Guarantee!

SECTION 1: Tumblr Hero Strategy

Lesson 1:

Tumblr Hero "The Emasculation of Tumbler"

SECTION 2: An Introduction to IFTTT

Lesson 2:

IFTTT Basics


Lesson 3:

IFTTT: The Difference between a "Recipe" and an "Applet"


Lesson 4:

How To Master IFTTT

SECTION 3: Evading The Tumblr Police

Lesson 5:

Staying Off The "Pest List"


Lesson 6:

Fighting Fire With Fire


Lesson 7:

How to Literally Bulletproof Your Tumblr Account

Tumblr Hero

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